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Our Restaurant

Sahar is located on Robertson Road, and offers both indoor and outdoor dining in a setting that mimics traditional Afghanistan. Not only will you enjoy the food, fall in love with the display of handmade Afghan art, jewellery, and our handcrafted bar. Meticulously crafted to give our customers the full cultural experience and show the unseen beauty of our homeland.


Our Kitchen

Our dishes are not spicy but are aromatic, expertly blended and delicately prepared. Most common used spices are cardamon, cumin, cinnamon, chilli, coriander, mint and black pepper. Vegetables such as onion, tomato and yogurt are also of major importance. We combined these flavours with the sweetness of fruits such as caramelised onions, sultanas and pomegranates, to create the perfect balance of flavours. 

Our menus 90% Gluten Free, and plenty of options for Vegetarian and Vegans, there is something for everyone.

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